• How does the legendary Shabak battle make more money?

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  • The legendary players like to play Shabak, because after Shabak wins, they can get a lot of rewards, such as the championship belt and helmet, and also get a lot of gold coins, so Sabak is so attractive, that is to say A little bit. However, the key to Shabak’s fighting is to see how many cities you have acquired. The more cities you have, the more natural benefits you have. However, the manpower is fixed, how can this income increase?
    In fact, the increase in income is nothing more than how you can hold these cities. Because Shabak fights, it is divided into two teams. You play here. Of course, the other defenders will continue to attack you and protect their city. Therefore, the final distribution of benefits in the Shabak battle depends on the number of cities. So how can we hold this city? If the siege party defeated the defending city and obtained the city, then you can’t stand there all the time, because this is just a city. If you want to get more benefits, you need to go to war and get more cities. In order to get more gold coins. In this case, every time you hit a city, you need a person to defend the city, otherwise the other party will have the opportunity to capture. So how should this person who defends the city choose? It is better for the defenders to choose the strong ones, because it is not so difficult to capture the city in the later period, so it is necessary to leave the strongest person to protect the already acquired city. Otherwise, if the other side attacks, if the strength is poor. The players were guarded and could not keep it. Therefore, it must be the strongest teammates to guard, so that the rest of the people can go to more cities.
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