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  • Additional attribute articles
     When you choose the profession of the Master, you should first understand your strengths and weaknesses. As a mage, fragile life and powerful and varied spells are basic features, and we don't have to sacrifice our strengths to make up for weaknesses. Therefore, the additional attributes of the wizard should not hesitate to choose nature!
     However, the early Master is generally not high, and the equipment will not be good there. The 1-2 points that can be added to the upgrade naturally have no obvious effect in practice, so the 40-44 Master should choose to add physical strength first. When you reach level 44, you can change it to add blood at a time. Generally, you can add it to about 7 o'clock. The effect is very obvious. The offense is the best defense. After you increase the speed of the fight, the life of 311 is actually with you. More than 380 lives are as safe as ever!
     There is a small trick when choosing additional properties. When you and the intellectuals choose to attach additional properties, you should try to make this property higher. If you want to add nature, you must bring all the natural equipment. Then drink a natural god water, so the chance of adding 2 will be greatly improved. Many friends have mentioned that I have done experiments with my friends, and it does have such effect.
     2 natural and elemental choices
     Most people now say that the use of elements is stronger than nature. Most of the posts on the forum are about the benefits of the elements, but I think that although the elements are important, they are naturally the root of the Master!
     First of all, those who advocate elements stronger than nature are mostly high-ranking, well-equipped people who can add elements to more than 20, and everyone should know the price of elemental equipment, about 30 million Norma wands, plus elements 2-3 The ring, the bracelet with elements, the hat and the like, isn't that the price? How many wizards can you do in a district? And adding about 10 elements and adding 5 points basically has no big effect.
     There are still many people who think that the number of elements can be increased. In fact, this is also wrong. Let's take a very simple list: everyone can go to the cow hole and string a cow, and lead a string of monsters, including ice demon and other cows. Ice Devil Ice-5, the other calves are -4, you will find that the smoothies cause 99.9% of the damage to the cattle other than the Ice Devil, while the Ice Devil will have more blood than these cows, sometimes More than 5, sometimes more than 8, even more than 10. The damage to ice is reduced by one, but the damage is different. This indirectly shows that the element is not stable.
     Let me talk about my personal experience: I am a 46-level mage, with the addition of attributes plus nature, a total of 10 points, blackness equipment as follows: 4-21 Gu Yu, a pair of Thor, 0-2, strong fire dark black pool, 0-3 Sibeier one, 3-6 konjac strong fire fighting, strong fire 2 garden, strong fire 1 strong dark black 1 colorful shoes, (Necklace I have dim, but I want to be the natural for most people to achieve, So choose the fire clock, this is 61 natural 3 fire, one hour is generally about 1 million experience, 61 natural for a 46 or so mage should not be difficult to do, now the blood print is very cheap, and a lot of training to MAX+12, Raytheon has one mission, and the acquisition is also about 1200. The general equipment should be: 3-19 blood prints, a pair of Raytheon, a total of +5 bracelets, a necklace or a bell, so that it can reach 55 or more, the same 90% green words And there can be there, this is the freedom that the choice of elements can not enjoy!
     As you can see, my necklaces generally choose the clocks of each department, so that the +3 points element can make the attack more stable, and it is better than the belt with 0-7. 0-8! Of course, you are dim except.
     Indeed, high nature is unstable, but we can solve this problem! That is the blessing oil, there is also a small trick here: it is very important to keep a long time without killing, and then buy 10 blessings, generally about 4 million, continuous drink, it is easy to add to lucky 3, I even drank 12, Gu Yu Now is lucky +4, you can try, high natural + high luck is what effect. Let's take another look: I used the equipment mentioned earlier to change the dim. The samurai is usually 85-95, and the green is about 3 times. The highest number is over 200.
     In addition, the effect is also very good in PK. As we all know, the legendary blood drink is made up at once, the elements are indeed stable, but it is not easy to play a super attack, the result will become a heavy load! What is the meaning of such a PK in addition to burning money? Naturally, you can play a strong attack, so that the other party has been under pressure. If you lead a group of strangers, PK under the interference of monsters, once you have a strong attack, the opponent is attacked by monsters, it is easy to make up the blood! Such a PK is technical.
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