• 1.76 gold coins legend how to fight Woma guards

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  • I believe that many legendary players of 1.76 gold coins have been troubled by not being able to beat Woma guards. I don't know how to play, but I can't beat them. I can't get enough equipment, nothing, but many players are still full of Woma guards. Longing for. After all, the explosion rate of the Woma Guard is still very good, but for players who will not play, the Woma Guard is actually quite troublesome. Players who have played Woma Guard know that the Woma Guard is in a protracted posture, it takes a long time to fight, and the object defense is not high, but the attack is also very high, so many times, we simply look down on the Woma escort. A few waves of attacks.
    It is best to take advantage of a little bit of terrain first. It is the so-called distance and the obstacles around it and so on. Warrior's words, can not take into account the terrain advantage, because the warrior as a melee, can only be positive with the Woma guards, if it is a warrior, it is recommended to go to the level to go to play Woma guards are more insurance. If you are still not confident, you can decide to team up and play. If you are teaming up, you must have a direction. Because the Woma Guard is a monster that is high in object defense, so that when we are teamed up, we can set up a high magical occupation of the Master, so that we can bring more attacks to the Woma Guard, so that the Taoist and the Taoist The combination of mages can often have a great attack efficiency. If the character itself is very strong in skills and attacks, it will be very easy to kill the Woma Guard, so whether it is single or team, their skills and attacks are also very important.
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