• Some experiences with the soldiers

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  • Nowadays, the legendary private service is more biased towards the warrior, but the warrior does not master these advantages, so that he has taken a lot of detours while playing the warrior. The Shenwei hand is like this. When the warrior PK is rare, he will rarely see some. The advanced warrior used the power of the gods, giving the entire battlefield a form of stalemate. Let's follow the footsteps of Xiaobian to get into Shenwei.
    After my experiment, I found that the heroes with roaring equipment are not allowed to accumulate, agile 24, accurate 20, then look at 5 knives each time, then cut 10 times in succession, the result data table, which has 5 Knife empty, 1 knife and a half, hit rate is only 70%, the second experiment, the hero is equipped with a ruling, then Shenwei hand pair, agile 24, accurate 21, after the same premise, the data happened very The big change, 5 knife empty, 0.4 knife, the hit rate is also a probability of reaching 90%. The conclusions drawn from these experiments show that Shenwei can greatly improve the hit rate. And after the same experiment, it was found that other equipment could not achieve this effect.
    There are many friends because the price of the gods is low, and then there is no face to use. Therefore, when the senior warrior PK is used, it is rare to see that the soldiers use Shenwei equipment. So, what kind of factors make Shenwei’s hands so cheap, but why is it important to strengthen the Guardian King? Because the gods are very easy to get, and the things are rare, that is the truth. But as long as friends imagine that the whole region is equipped with Shenwei, what will happen? It’s not that God’s hand is not good because it’s too cheap. But not all cheap things are junk.
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