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  • Whether it is in the official game of the legend, or in the blood, it is very important to brush the ingot. After all, no matter what you do, buy equipment or refine your weapons, you need to use a certain amount of ingots. If you don't say enough, a lot of things are hard to do. So, this is the requirement, the players of the game must get a lot of ingots. In this case, it will be more relaxed when upgrading or blaming. Therefore, in the game, the most important thing players should do is to get more ingots or gold coins in various ways.
    In the official server, if you want to get the ingot, it is very difficult, and you have to go through a variety of different ways, not just to do daily tasks, but also to fight monsters. Overall, it is still quite hard. So, the best thing is that players can take advantage of the legend and then get multiple ingots. For game players, as long as they can have fun and play games on any server, there will be no big problems. This is also a point that players have always followed. Similarly, in the official game, you can't use plug-ins, because this is a violation of the rules. In fact, in the blood, you can use it directly. Moreover, it will not have any effect on the game. If you want to get more ingots or gold coins, then it is the best choice to play on this private service. Of course, the passion you can feel from it is also very good.
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