• The most powerful of the mage is not magic, but temptation.

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  • In the legend, most people think that the most powerful of the Master is magic. Hey, the name is called a magician. It gives people the first feeling. They think that magic is the strongest spell of the Master, but I personally think that the Master is the strongest. It's not magic, but temptation. As the level of the Master becomes more advanced, the monsters that can be tempted are more and more advanced. Many advanced monsters are very powerful. The Master can rely on pets to win easily! ~~ Although the teacher is in the legend, leveling is the most expensive job, but the power of the Master is enough to be scary! ~~
    Hey, playing the Master's friends, you should have a deep understanding. The more advanced the wizard's magic, the harder it is to practice and the more expensive it is. . Although the magic is very powerful, but I practice it, I really feel so painful. . I am a deeply hurt mage. . Oh, fortunately, now my Master has practiced the ice roar, and I really feel that the suffering I suffered before is worth it. . The speed of the ice roaring + attack power is really great. . And the scope of the attack is super strong. . As a master player, you don't want to use lightning anymore, because the speed of lightning is too slow compared to the ice roar, and the hit rate is still very low. . Hey, since I experienced the power of the ice roar, I think the wizard is so cool! ~~ Plus the babies, it’s just cool and cool. As the temptation becomes more and more powerful, you can seduce the advanced monsters, such as the worms. This destructive power can be strong, and most people are not it. The opponent. . Haha, with the help of the babies, what are the fears of the Master? The invincible temptation of the mage, the more advanced the mage, the higher the monster that can be tempted, the more powerful it is! ~~
    Only one point, what makes me feel a headache is the pet baby's rebellion. This really makes all the masters have a headache, sincerely sigh, hey, there is a perfect thing in the world!
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