• Some PK experiences in different combinations

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  • I have been playing legend for many years, and I have a deep understanding of the legend. Especially for the combination, the individual has a certain understanding of the combination. Here are some of my experiences with each combination, I hope to play a certain role for my friends. effect.
    The first is to say that in the legend is the combination of the two wars that existed in the gods. This combination is the most popular combination in the legendary game. The most common PK combination when playing legends is also a double battle combination. In my opinion, the PK between the two warfare combinations is completely meaningless. It is purely a waste of red. The PK of a group of double warfare combinations is completely out of the box. If a group of double battles are combined in PK, then you are best off. To know that the legendary PK is completely in order to be able to explode the equipment for the original purpose. There is also a combination of two-way PK, the two-way combination is considered by the legendary players to be the strongest combination. If you encounter a combination of roads that specialize in healing during the fight, the average player can't help it, and it is very difficult to be hit by two roads at this time. In the case of group P, if there are two or three roads, it is the most interesting, and it can occupy certain advantages in terms of explosive equipment.
    Some friends said that the warfare combination is a garbage combination, but in my opinion, it is still necessary to see how the player plays this combination. If you want to play with the friends of the track combination, it is best to follow the combination of the way to play the best. In the process of PK, you need to attack the subject, and then the main number needs to keep running. When you run away, you need to see which anemia, that is, the amount of blood is small. At this time, make up a combined attack, you must know the battle combination. In the process of PK, you can always maintain the strongest attack power.
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