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  • Play the legendary game and choose the magical copy of the map to blame. At this time, you must remember to refresh the coordinates of the monster. Usually there will be two coordinates to refresh the BOSS. For example, if the gods and sacred sacrifices are killed, you can explode the Bairimen Cheats and Game jewelry, weapons and clothes, etc. Of course, the time and coordinates of BOSS refresh in the map are not necessarily fixed, it may be fixed brushing, or it may be randomly brushed out, but it is near the coordinates that appear for a long time. Players can better hack for BOSS.
    Fixed-point killing of BOSS is also an important means for many players to quickly level up and get more equipment weapons and costume jewelry. Because the blood of the gods and gods is very large, so the boss must be sure that it can not lose blood at this time, you can have a chance to win when you treat the target. However, if the player does not independently complete the ability to slash the target, then he can enter the copy map through the team of friends, and then slash the target, the effect will also have a good performance, but also cause the target to be more harmful. One of the important ways, at the same time, the ability to attack the enemy can be quickly improved, so it is highly concerned by the players. In summary, the most important strategy for the legendary gamers to play the magical copy of the map is to remember the BOSS refresh coordinates, and to further understand the refresh time of the monsters and gods, and the effect will have a good performance. It is also an important way to get more equipment and get more equipment, so it should be paid enough attention. Playing the copy map Daguai requires a higher level of players, and the requirements for offensive and defensive capabilities are relatively high.
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